At REFRIGERA 2023 a delegation from over 30 African countries was organized by U-3ARC, the Union of African Refrigeration Associations.

The third edition of REFRIGERA continued to grow: the international trade show – unique in Italy and a point of reference for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Area – dedicated to the entire industrial, commercial and logistics refrigeration chain, was scheduled from 7 to 9 November 2023 in BolognaFiere, Italy.

In fact, thanks to the collaboration with U-3ARC, Union of Associations of African Actors in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, which represents over 20,000 companies and over 150,000 employees in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration, the third edition extended its reach beyond European borders, hosting for the first time a delegation of professionals and companies from as many as 30 African countries interested in establishing partnerships and new projects in Europe.

On average, African countries suffer from a lack of infrastructure, which also causes great difficulties in the food market for the correct preservation of food: in particular, there is a lack of refrigeration systems that guarantee the cold chain, from collection to shops, up to the final consumer.

REFRIGERA thus stands as a bridge for the transfer of technology and skills towards a continent experiencing enormous growth, which will necessarily have to develop refrigeration, conservation, transport and storage technologies to prevent agri-food losses, and to consolidate exports.

At the 2025 edition there will be numerous international delegations visiting REFRIGERA also coming from other continents… Stay tuned!

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